About Us

We live in a plural world, where self-esteem directly impacts people's lives. And because of that I believe the differences make the world more beautiful and everyone deserves to feel good.
Since I was 16yo, when I bought my first Silver piece, A lovely Ring, believe or not, I still have with me, and I already knew it was love. After thirteen years I had the courage and strength to finally decided to bring a little of that love to all styles, tastes and budgets, proving that it is possible to combine quality with quantity. My mission is to value all types of beauty.
Géss was founded in 2023 by Géssica Bazzei, We are a UK-based company with all of our Silver pieces designed in Brazil.
We have a mission to transform the Silver 925 jewellery industry around the world. Our goal is to bring you options that you can enjoy for years to come, without spending insane amounts of money, our warranty is lifetime.
We believe everyone should have the ability to indulge in quality.